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WEB Studio Aesta has a team of website promotion professionals.

Our team will promote your site in social networks Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Promotion in social networks is becoming a powerful tool for business growth: building and improving the image, increasing sales.

Users of social networks voluntarily publish information about themselves, their views, interests, preferences, and so on. In view of this, advertisers can very clearly determine which users their ad will be interested in, and direct their advertisements to specific users, depending on the information in their profiles (age, gender, place of residence, etc.). This type of advertising is called targeted (eng. “Target” – goal).

Prices for website promotion: from 100 euros


An SMM manager (from English Social Media Manager) is a specialist who promotes a business, namely companies, brands and individuals on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and others). Its tasks include increasing the coverage of the client’s page, improving the perceived image of the customer, communication with subscribers. Social media platform managers develop and maintain the presence of the organization in the information field of the virtual world, work daily to create new content, constantly introducing innovations to generate modern ideas and formats. They also control the analytics and performance indicators of completed projects.


The main responsibilities of the SMM specialist include:
• analysis of the market, audience and competitors;
• development of a strategy for promotion in the network;
• creation and development of profiles/groups in social networks;
• generation and design of content: text, photo, video, infographics, etc.;
• attracting subscribers, increasing the audience;
• formation and increase of brand loyalty;
• communication with subscribers;
• monitoring the effectiveness of page promotion;
• work with brand mentions in social networks, reputation marketing.

Prices for website promotion:

"Amazing Quality Work!"

My cooperation with Aesta Invest web studio has brought positive results. As a result of website promotion in social networks, the number of my clients has tripled.
David Anible
CEO, Aesta Invest LTD